All demons in Chainsaw Man

The demons are complicated creatures in the world of Chainsaw Man. Born in hell, each one plays a concept that causes fear in humans. They can vary from the Eternity Devil Abstract to the seemingly harmless Fish Devil. Chainsaw Man houses an impressive catalog of infernal creatures, and if he has been trying to monitor those presented in the anime, we have compiled a list of all demons on man chainsaw so far.

All demons and demons that appear in Chainsaw Man (Alive & Dead)

Maybe it’s because humans fear so many things that we have so many demons to deal with. Here are all the devils with which Benji and Special Division 4 have crossed, each of which represents the fear of humanity to the concept that contains its own name.

  • Diablo/Wichita chainsaw (alive)-A nice and tender dog with a chainsaw that stands out from his forehead, which has traditional devil skills and is able to wildly cut his enemies into pieces.
  • Diablo tomato (dead)-a weaker demon, embodied as a gigantic mass similar to a tomato, capable of regenerating through its seeds.
  • Diablo Zombie (dead)-A gigantic floating torso with tentacles that facilitates the control and creation of a horde of zombies.

  • Diablo de Pepin ode Mar (dead)-A grotesque and fleshy mass literate with giant human fingers.
  • Bat Devil (allegedly dead)-A humanoid bat with large teeth, claws and wings capable of flying and an oral cannon that triggers a burst of compressed air.
  • Devil of Blood (alive)-Inhabiting the body of power and capable of manipulating blood. It has a faster speed and sense of smell.
  • Sanguinely Devil (dead)-A huge wrinkled body, similar to a leech, with two tentacles in the arms and an open mouth that houses a sharp tongue like a knife.
  • Devil Fox (alive)-Only seen as a literal giant fox head with bright red eyes, capable of teleporting and consuming its enemies in their huge jaws.
  • Gun Devil (alive)-A mysterious mass of weapons and bullets with incredible speed and durability, capable of firing in all directions and causing catastrophic destruction in seconds.
  • Devil of eternity (dead)-a strand of flesh in the form of a sign of infinity with the ability to expand its fleshy body of limbs and manipulate time and space.


  • Ghost Devil (allegedly dead)-A dough of spider-shaped arms that holds an imposing head similar to that of a human who has a massive force and is capable of becoming intangible/tangible, like a ghost.
  • Diablo Curse (alive)-Convened by Aka’s sword to a great cost, this devil manifests itself as a two-headed skeleton with horns that wraps and crush/mortally bites his victim.
  • Devil Serpent (alive)-Convened by Atari, this huge snake-shaped beast can consume and release its victims with a mouth made of intertwined arms and hands.

That is all Chainsaw Man’s demons so far. We are sure that we will see many, many more as things develop. Be sure to see more Chainsaw Man content to stay updated and answer his hot questions like who Katina Man is, Heroku died and why Gun Devil is behind Benji’s heart.

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