Vivo Keyd Stars announces return to CBLol after buying Miners vacancy


Vito Had Stars officially announced on Tuesday that it is back in CBOL after acquiring the vacancy that belonged to the Miners organization. The organization, which was not approved by Riot Games to enter the franchises, still in October 2020, spent the seasons of 2021 and 2022 away from the League of Legends competitive, but now returns to the championship in which it was azilian once, in 2014, and runner-up on four other occasions.

According to Vito Had Stars president Pedro Schmidt, the return to CBOL was a priority for the organization: We are in love with LOL, and we are prepared to return to this competitive scenario with everything! VKS was born and fortified within this competition and this movement was natural. Our team is a warrior and is eager to win again its prominent space within the League of Legends, further strengthening our legacy, he said in a press release.

In the coming months, Vito Had Stars will work on setting up the cast that will play the 1st Split of CBOL 2023. As it was away from the League of Legends competitive, VKS invested in Wild Rift’s competitive, the mobile version of LOL, winning a azilian runner-up and competing in Icon, the World Cup. Vivo Had Stars, EDU Kim highlighted the organization’s long history in the League of Legends competitive scenario.

From the beginning, year after year, VKS has been consolidating itself in the eSports scenario due to its greatness and strength that built within the League of Legends. At the moment we were out of competition, we realized the lack we did in the ecosystem as a one All, with the healthy rivalries we had built and, especially, with our fans, who have always loved to accompany Vito Had Stars at CBOL. Now we are back, resuming our old legacy and seeking to build a new one, with the certainty that we will do A great job, just as we did in previous years, he argued.

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