Netmarbles new Grand Cross S, Demis Ribbon

Net marble announced that it has confirmed the ‘Grand Cross’ IP-based game name under development by Net marble F & C as ‘DEMISE Re: Born / old Grand Cross S’.

Demise Ribbon is a new IP-based game prepared by Net marble F & C, Studio and Studio (Studio Gringo).

Net marble confirmed the formal naming to better implement Demise Ribbon’s worldview and emotion. The Demise Ribbon is expected to draw various events of users and characters, and aim to provide highly immersive content through colorful graphics and emotional elements.

At the same time, the new video of Demise Ribbon was also released. The newly released video contains the brilliant skill-based battles of heroes reborn with attractive sense.


Meanwhile, details, such as the release date of the game ribbon, will be released later.

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