Nerf partner with Riot Games and features Fishbones, from Jinx, for real life

When you are a fan of something, it can be difficult to resist a shopping marathon when visiting the game’s official goods page. And fans of the special Riot Games-Em products, League of Legends -Salem well that.


In addition to its own products, the studio partner with major ands to offer exclusive collaborations (such as Louis Vuitton, for the richest among us).

This time, Riot Games is joining with the famous toy and specializing in fictional weapons-to launch a replica of Wishbones, the Jinx rocket launcher.

A faithful replica… but man

As you can see in the video and images below, the replica appears to be quite faithful to the game’s wishbones. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly-nerf version of the weapon does not shoot explosives: it has an 18 dart drum that fires in Groups of three through an articulated jaw that opens and closes at ease.

The big problem, but is the price. According to the official website, each weapon costs $170 (in direct conversion, 917.86 reais). This price makes her the most expensive nerf weapon on the market, right ahead of Star Wars Blaster: The Mandalorian, which costs $130 (in direct conversion, 701.92 reais).

In addition, this price does not include extra projectiles, so it comes with just one load, a Jinx-inspired exhibitor and a premium packaging for collectors.

It is already possible to pre-enforce the weapon on the and’s official website. Deliveries, however, will only be made from next year.

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