GTA Online: How to get the diamond casino and k shirts for free and k t -shirts

Sometimes Rock star is encouraged to give articles that come good to modify the appearance of GTA online characters. Above all they are well received if you are from those who are always tired of dressing in the same way. That is why in the next guide we are going to explain how to unlock the vest to The Diamond Casino and the K-Rose t-shirts and statue of happiness .

How to get the diamond casino and the K-Rose t-shirts and statue of happiness for free

Without a doubt this is a perfect excuse for Play at some point in these days , because the simple fact of connecting will serve to obtain the K-Rose shirts and statue of happiness, two pairs of garments that also try to perform Tribute to the saga for its 25th anniversary.


In addition to all this, it shows that during this month the blows are the protagonists, so do not hesitate to participate in them to obtain more rewards than normal. In fact, one of those who do not have to overlook is the sudden to The Diamond Casino, because Complete it successfully will make you take the vest that appears in the image that the guide heads.

In case you need an additional excuse, finishing the Diamond Casino blow will make you take 50% more dollars and reputation points . And there is no everything left, because all preparation costs will be at half price so that you can carry it out without problems.

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