Developer defends Xbox Series S of criticism

Many people are thinking that one of the consoles that prevents the progress of the generation is Xbox series S, which, although it is not equal to series x totally, at least it can run games to good quality. And now, a developer has come out in his defense, since in recent days he has been described a lot as being poor.

The point of view of Paulo Luis Santos, Game Director at Flux Games , study of Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising , is that series s is no Type of problem, you just have to understand that it is slightly less powerful. But even in this detail, it has enough technology to be launching the large games of our day.

Here is your statement:

I think that a customer who buys an S series is aware that he does not have the same specifications as an X and, in general, agreed with that, so it should not be a big problem if it is slightly different from his brother more powerful. That said, I believe that, in general, series S should resist for a good time and, since these technologies evolve so fast, it is very difficult to predict how long their life cycle will last.

Do not forget that great games that come for 2023 will reach Xbox Series S Also here are included neither more nor less than Red fall and Star field of Bethesda . So we will see if the younger sister of series x can continue giving the fight and giving us the possibility of trying everything that reaches Game Pass.

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Editor’s note: Despite having everything against him, Xbox series S is a good console that many people have bought. So discontinuing would be a mistake, especially for all the public who is currently playing it.

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