Riot finally gives spoilers of Arcanes second season; Check out the revealed details

Arcane completed a year and absolutely no news by Riot Games has been given-so far. Christian Like and Alex Yes , co-creators of the League of Legends animated series made a Reddit topic celeating the production anniversary and answering behind the scenes community and, of course, next season. Some answers given to netizens-to the delight of many-ought some spoilers, while others clarified tense scenes from characters like Jinx, Silo, VI and Viktor.

To prove their true identities, the creators even posted a photo holding a paper and a cell phone with the post-post information.

Words that describe the second season of Arcane

The first season ended with jinx allegedly destroying the entire Plover advice after the stressful banquet scene-in which Silo was killed and saw and Caitlyn narrowly escaped. Until that moment a peace treaty was talked to between the two places, but after all the events we can expect a much heavier narrative in season two.

That said, the words that the creators used to describe the continuation were precisely war and forgiveness. Which just further increased Hype.

Arcane will show Silo and Wander young people?

One user asked, Will we see Silo and Wander younger before ‘betrayal’? Besides, will you have any flashback from Silo being a father to Powder when he took her a child? And what we received was a great and strong yes, you definitely see that. And Alex gave a small spoiler: And it will be in an episode that always makes me cry.

About the firearms in Arcane

A fan showed his admiration for the range of firearms, mainly involving Echo, and asked for information about his members and how they were created:

What are the most significant scenes for Arcane creators?

Looking for some funny story or scene in which creators identify with Arcane, a user asked what moment of Arcane is the most special for them.

Arcane creators answer questions about the series

One of the first questions asked for the creators was about how they learned to create a series for TV and Christian replied that, in fact, they had no idea how to do it, but they read many books about creation of stories and scripts-and that It didn’t find them so useful-and spent a lot of time in meetings with industry professionals.

We have our own metrics and processes to create plots and characters. It’s always a little messy when you want to create a complex story, but it’s just part of the work, and continued to say that a good story (at least in my head) It’s about difficult choices. Many writers talk about being directed by characters without actually writing stories directed by characters.

If you ask your protagonist whether he will help save the world from an alien invasion, the answer will always be ‘yes, obvious’. But so the character does not really have a decision to make. The only question that remains is ‘How will they overcome such an obstacle?’ Which is fun, but it really doesn’t take the story ahead with total autonomy.

He ended up saying that he thinks that both he and Alex orbit around stories that leave the characters with expensive or even impossible choices. Alex added by saying that the authors need to know what their own characters want and fear-and that also needs to be clear to the public-and with this inclination to think about what decisions they would. He used Silo’s example: What made Silo’s pursuit of Faun’s search for Freedom is his hope that was rooted in regaining his other Wander’s respect.

Fear that you are not good enough and wishing family respect are deeply related emotions. This is what a character-directed story means to me !!

While they wrote the story, what was the biggest narrative problem you came across?

For God’s sake, how did you manage to fit so many, so many exciting scenes like Echo and Jinx’s fight in just nine episodes?

Arcane’s second season has already been confirmed, but there is no premiere date announced and will definitely not arrive in 2022-especially knowing that the first season took years until its release, but here are the champions of lol and events we want to see in the second season.

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