“ Summer Nens War light novel released together

Comes first unveiled the Summers War Light Nobel ‘Summers War’ Light Nobel ‘Summers War/Summoner Daemon 1 (Subtitle: Submitted person)’ in Japan for the first time in Japan.

Japan’s largest animation producer Tea Animation has a variety of global IPs such as ‘One Piece’, ‘Dragon Ball’, and ‘Galaxy 999’, and Comes is a global hit last year ‘Summers War: Arena of Heaven’ In order to expand the IP, we have cooperated with Tea Animation and promote joint planning and production of trans media contents.

This is the first light novel series in collaboration with Tea Animation. Yugo Barnes, a summoner who is talented but limited to power, tells the story of an adventure with his colleagues, including the summoner Valkyrie, to regain the stolen village artifact by his father, OMA Barnes.


Based on the worldview in ‘Summers War’, a new story is unfolded from the previously released narrative, so you can enjoy another fun from the game.

In particular, star writers with enthusiasts participated to enhance fun and completion. The artist Sakai Cairo, who has succeeded in publishing and animated hits such as ‘Outbreak Company ~ Moe Invaders ~’ and ‘Swanee Chief’, is written, and in the drawing, Light Novel, as well as Game and TV animation ‘Steel Alchemist’, Illustrator TOI8, which has a thick fandom, participated in the activities of various fields such as ‘Attack on Titan’.

It is released on the KATAKANA label and can be purchased online from the official website of the Lull Literature or Japan Amazon, and will be considered to introduce works to a wider range of readers such as domestic, North America and Europe through multilingual translation.

Meanwhile, Comes has been working with the world’s leading content value chain companies, including Toy Animation, ‘Walking Dead’ producer Sky bound and Korea’s representative webtoon producer Kenny, to strengthen the brand value of ‘Summers War’. We will target the global market with various genres of cultural contents based on IP.

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