NHN (CEO Yeo-jin Jung, NHN) will open a booth at the BTB exhibition hall of the international game exhibition ‘G-STAR 2022’ on the 17th, and its game development solution ‘NHN Game platform’, NHN Cloud in NHN Cloud The company plans to display and promote the mobile app protection service ‘NHN AdGuard’ and various ‘AI products’.

First, the NHN game platform will open the Game anvil, Metal, and Game starter, which are new services before commercialization. The NHN game platform is a solution brand that provides the features necessary for the launch and operation of the game so that game developers can focus on game contents only. Since the launch of the ‘Game base’, which provides common functions for games such as login/payment, item/indicators in 2017, the service has been expanding.

‘Game & Bill’ is a game server engine that allows real-time multiplayer game servers to build, deploy, and channel. It is easy to use for novice developers, including clients and web developers. N: N connection games, turn-based and board games, and single user games that many users are connected simultaneously. ‘Game Talk’ is a solution that allows you to easily implement the chat in the game. 1: 1 conversation, guild chat, including real-time chat, etc. You can use the type of chat according to the needs, and provide convenient and diverse functions such as channel management, automatic translation, malicious user sanctions, and golden language management. ‘Game Starter’ is a launcher service that can run and update PC games.

▲ NHN app guard will actively attract new customers by preparing G-Star special promotions and field gifts. The NHN app guard is a mobile app protection service that provides a fraudulent detection and security threat response of Android and iOS mobile apps. Based on the security know-how accumulated from the experience of providing external services such as games and payments (payments) by NHN Group companies, source code protection, memory modulation/hooking and hacking tool blocking, anti-debugging, and anti-tampering service’ SEC AAS (Security As a Service, Service Security (to provide specialized security services based on the cloud). During the G-Star period, customers who apply for new applications will be offered free for three months for free for three months.


▲ Various AI products, including Face Recognition, AI Fashion, OCR (Document Recognizer, Vehicle Plate Recognizer, etc.), can also be found in NHN booths. NHN Cloud has been selected as a supplier of AI voucher support projects and plans to recruit demand companies that require the application of artificial intelligence solutions at G-Star site.

NHN Chung Yeo-jin said, We plan to meet global game companies and corporate customers from domestic and foreign global game companies and corporate customers this year through G-Star this year. We are launching various services to do, and this time, we will introduce new solutions that can alleviate the problem of high-demand server developers.

NHN provides competitive cloud services according to user’s usage pattern analysis in various industries such as games, public and finance, based on the long-standing global technology know-how and competence. In particular, as it has been playing game services for more than 20 years as a game brand, it has a game-specific cloud that develops and serves NHN game platforms and NHN app guards based on experience.

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