Today, November 7, the 16th anniversary of Gears of War is celebrated. Although at the moment the plans of the series in video games are unknown, Netflix has confirmed that a live action movie and an animated series inspired by the events of this saga are already in development.

Through his official Twitter account, Netflix confirmed that a Live Action movie and an animated Gears of War series are already in development. Next to this, The streaming company does not rule out the possibility of seeing more projects in the future . This was what was said about it:

Gears of War premiered today 16 years ago and, to commemorate the occasion, Netflix was associated with The Coalition to adapt the @gearsofwar video game saga to a live action movie, followed by an animated series for adults, with The potential to develop more stories!

Out of this, At the moment it is unknown who will be involved in these two projects, or when they will be available . However, fans are excited. Several years have passed since gears 5, and although we know that a new installment is already in development, we have not heard concrete plans by The Coalition. In related issues, it is revealed by Epic Games sold Gears of War. Similarly, registration would reveal the future of the series.

Editor’s note:

Although this announcement is interesting and looks promising, we must not forget that Netflix has the habit of canceling projects if their numbers are not expected. While the film and animated series will be a reality, nothing guarantees something beyond these two projects.

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