Who killed Ben Glenroy in Only Murders in the Building? Theories explained

With the end of Only Murders in the Building season, the famous Hulu police novel, the expected Cameo of Paul Rudd arrived, who played Ben Leroy for about two minutes. If you think some detail escaped you, and you want to know who killed Ben Leroy in only Murders in the Building continues to read.

Who is Ben Leroy’s murderer in Only Murders in the Building?

The truth is: We do not know . As the mystery of who murdered Bunny Folder (Jayne Houdyshell) during season 2, Ben’s death is next on the list. Season 3 has been confirmed and will surely be focused on resolving the case of his death. While we don’t know who killed him, we have a suspect list to consider them.

What we know so far about who could have done it


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Ben Leroy’s debut makes it clear that he is not the most nice person. For example, when Ben stars Oliver’s Broadway show (Martin Short), we see him complaining with Oliver about Charles (Steve Martin), his co-star. While we couldn’t see much, it seems that Oliver could have been on the side of Charles. Do you think it’s a bit extreme? Yes.


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Obviously they did not get along, and before the show begins, they even fight. However, it would be out of place and Charles seems surprised by Ben’s death. However, everything could be an act.

My beauty

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While Ben and Charles fought, Charles told Ben to stay away from her, making it clear that her disagree was a woman. While Mabel (Selena Gomez) could be a potential suspicious, we do not believe that ruining her friend’s program is her way of acting.


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Oliver’s son, Will. Is this a motivation to jump to such extremes?


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We have not seen much from Joy (Andrea Martin). We know that in the flash-Forwards she has a relationship committed to Charles. Therefore, as it is still a strange, it definitely suspects.


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Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton) dreams of becoming the protagonist of a musical. Could your dream plus the fact that Ben was not so pleasant to be the perfect combination for murder?


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While Jan (Amy Ryan) was not really an important player in season 2, we know she is obsessed with Charles. In fact, during the season he made sure we remember that. Knowing that Ben was fighting with Charles could have been enough for her to get involved in the drama.

This is what we know so far about who killed Ben Leroy in Only Murders in the Building . These are all crazy conjectures taken from the little information we obtained. From what we know, it is possible that the murderer has not yet appeared on the screen. Before going, see the other news and information we have about the Hulu programs, including The Bear and the Renaissance of Fukuyama.

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