Capcom masterpiece ADV Ghost Trick reprint? Find the examination information at the Korean judging organization

Overseas media Gets has revealed that Cap com’s masterpiece adventure Ghost Trick was registered in the Database of Game Rating and Administration Committee in Korea.

This is a reasoning adventure game released in 2010 for Nintendo DS. The hero who died and became Takashi due to one bullet finds the culprit who possessed himself and killed himself. Mr. Treasure, known for the Reversal Trial series, is in charge of the director.

According to the rating information discovered this time, AMELIA, which sells Capon titles in Korea, is the applicant. The reprint of this work that gains popular popularity may be planned.

In addition, it is considered that the rating code was judged to be the PC version that was judged this time. Since this work is originally a DS work, it is made on the premise of touch operation. It seems that the home game machine version may be rated separately, but it may be possible to release only PCs that can operate close to touch.

This work was once distributed to iOS/Android, but the iOS version was not updated for the latest iOS, and the Android version was stopped. In 2020, a signature activity was carried out by fans who wanted to resurrection. After that, the signature was accepted, and the latest iOS compatible with the iOS version was announced in January 2021. The Android version is still not redelivery, but from May 2021 it has been easy to play on the iOS version.

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