Low Roars Ryan Karazija dies, the group that enriched Death Strandings journey

If we recently informed you about the death of Reiko Obama of Sega, now we have to regret another very sad news: Ryan Arabia, singer and founder of the Low Roar group h died with only 40 years of age . The reons and the rest of his companions have not ked for respect for his family and close to him.

With regard to the video game industry, is evident, there is a figure that h been very affected by the loss: Kolyma Children, who h shared several very emotional messages in his social networks: I heard the news. I can not believe it; I don’t want to believe it. Without you [Ryan Arabia] and without your music, Death Stranding would not have been born . Your music will live forever in this world and in me. Thanks. Rest in peace.


A key piece in Death Stranding

It is very likely that those who have played the lt game of Video Kolyma have several songs that do not stop sounding in your head. The title, which puts us on the skin of Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reeds), manages to create a great atmosphere by adding the trip through a desolate world and a series of melodies that accompany us in the key moments .

And Much of that Sonora runs on account of Low Roar , which stands out with pieces popular Don’t Be So Serious, Ey Way Out, Poznan, St. Erikson, Waiting, Because We have to, plee Don ‘T stop, Nobody Else, Give Up, Patience, Not Around, I’M Leaving, among others. In addition, we will hardly forget the moment in which the game w announced for the first time, with that enigmatic video in which the song I’ll Keep Coming sounded.

When we play Death Stranding again, we will do it thinking about Ryan Arabia. Rest in peace.

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