LOL: The champion who only works in the hands of the pro players and who left Riot without ideas

League of Legends has reached one of his best balance and balancing points in recent months. Although there are still mechanics and frustrating bugs in the last patches of season 12, almost all characters have had their time to shine throughout the year. Still, for the unhappiness of many players, MOB also continues to contain champions forgotten by Riot and the community itself as a consequence. Air and Rye have gone through this situation, but Afros is a great exception, because although not used by most people, he is a great character in the hands of Pro Players.


LOL’s most problematic champion

Throughout season 12, there was not a single patch where Afros won over 47% of the games in which he appeared, and currently he is the worst LOL champion, except for Zero. The problem is that while in Patch 12.20 it earned 45.7% of the links in links above the platinum, in the Worlds 2020 it is the most chosen shooter in the tournament (and the fourth in presence).

He appeared in the Picks and Bans of more than half of the games and, for appearances, he also won just over half of these matches.

This situation is not exclusive to LOL Worlds. Every two competitive games played in 2022, Aphelion was selected or banned in one of them. This situation placed Riot on the wall and prevented the developer from performing balancing improvements so that the community could enjoy the champion as well. The impression that part of the players has is that Riot no longer knows what to do with Helios.

Changes are coming to Zero and Yuri, Rye received a small buff for some patches, Air spent half the year with a good victory rate. However, Aphelion follows in a corner, waiting for Riot to do something for him. Throughout the year, if we do not take into account the changes in the durability update, the champion has only received a nerf-shaped balancing adjustment in his basic attributes.

It is a pity that Riot seems to be lost with Aphelion, because this is one of the most interesting champions of the game, with a great gameplay design.
Still, it is a fact that the fact that the character is also difficult to work for due to its large number of possibilities.

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