Wemade We Mix 3.0 The world opens. What are three different?

The Remix 3.0 world was opened. It is the world-based blockchain world of Remade, which is out of Aka’s Clayton.

Remix 3.0 is the main three platforms: Blockchain Game Remix Play, Economic Platform Nile, and Definite Financial Services Semi Mix Staff.

On the 20th, Remade announced that it has entered the official service of blockchain Remix 3.0.

The official service is only 111 days since the test net was opened in July. In the meantime, we have been operated based on Aka’s Clayton, but decided to switch to its own main net in consideration of scalability.

What is the difference between the Remix 3.0 service? There are three major things. It is issued by adding a new Wax coin, adding a coin migration (conversion), and a stable coin-weimix dollar.

First, with the issuance of the Remix Coin, the existing Remix token name was changed to Remix Classic. This is to distinguish between Wax coins and tokens.

Wallets are also dualized in two ways. Crayton-based play wallet and their mainnet-based ‘Remix Wallet’. Play wallet is used as a window for Remix Classic and the new We Wallet.

The interests of the Mix Holders are focused on migration. Wit Mix Classic and Remix Coin Transition. Remix Classic can be exchanged for Remix Coin through three methods: external exchanges, multichain services, and play bridge services.


The exchange ratio of the Remix Classic and We Coin Migration is 1 to 1. The migration procedure may vary depending on the exchange deposit and the wallet deposit.

According to the exchange deposit, domestic and foreign virtual asset exchanges such as upbeat and cubit will automatically migrate the Wax token with Wax Coin. To this end, each exchange restricts the deposit and withdrawal of the Remix Wallet. However, the buyer of the on the exchange is possible normally.

If you have a mix classic elsewhere, such as Play Wallet, not the exchange, you should use the migration bridge service after the launch of the new Remix Wallet.

In the case of the steak 360, we do not have to worry about it because it will be migrated from the Remix Classic to the Remix Coin when it is completed. Steak 360 is a new speaking service by Remade.

Along with the official service, we will also issue the US Mix dollar, a virtual asset key currency. The scheduled date is 22 days.

The Remix dollar is valued at $1 with legal money and USDA collateral. USDA is a stable coin issued by the US blockchain corporate circle. This is why Wemi-Mick dollar is called the dollar-based coin.

The reason for the issuance of the Remix dollar is that it is necessary to have a stable key currency for decentralized financing services such as ICICI and Nile and the blockchain game Remix play.

The company also announced plans to operate the DOS protocol to stabilize the price of the US Mix dollars. The protocol is a price maintenance device that keeps the value of the USDA one-to-1. According to the market demand, the company plans to issue an additional US Mix dollar to stabilize the price.

The utilization of the US Mix dollar is known to be endless. This is because the scope of use will be expanded not only to the decentralized financial service Wack Spy, which is the core of the Remix 3.0, as well as the blockchain gamin play and the financial platform. If the Six dollar is absorbed into real life after Bitcoin, the status of Remade is expected to change.

Remade said, We have started the official service of Remix 3.0. We issued Remix Coin according to our main net conversion, and the coin can be deposited through Remix Wallet. We plan to guide the new Wallet soon. The Remix token owned by the Remix Holders has changed its name to classic. We can be changed through external exchanges, multichain services, and play bridge services.

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