Modifications are a huge part of The Sims for many players, and Wicked whims is one of the most popular. But while the smart introduction of Lima chemistry added the level of realism that the fans liked, some abandoned the obvious sexual content that accompanied this. This is where Wonderful whims appears. So what exactly Wonderful whims is doing in Sims 4?

Mod Sims 4 Wonderfulwhims-all the possibilities

Wonderful whims seeks Find the middle ground between The concept of chemistry is presented with WickedWhims, while mitigation of a clear nature of the content. But he still retains reality, instead concentrating on attractiveness, relationships, impressions, menstrual cycle and control over birth rate. The official full list of functions looks as follows, all of which can be turned off or configured:

How to install a Wonderful whims mod for Sims 4

Installing Wonderful whims mod is relatively simple. First go to the official Wonderful whims website and download the ZIP file. After loading, follow these instructions:


  1. Open a loaded ZIP file.
  2. Find the folder with SIMS 4 and the Mods folder (it should be the DocumentS electronic Arts the Sims 4 Mods). If you cannot find the Mods folder, make sure you turned on and turned off the game at least once.
  3. Move the files by dragging the Wonderfulwhimsmod folder directly from the ZIP archive to the Mods folder. The Mods folder should already have a resource.cfg file. If not so, turn on again and turn off the game at least once.
  4. Turn on the game, go to the game parameters menu and open the others settings menu. Include enable user content and fashion and script fashion, setting the flags.
  5. Turn off the game to activate new settings. When you turn on the game again, you can access Wonderful whims.

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