Can you reimburse gifts in Apex Legends? Answered

Just in time for the Christmas season, the gifts will arrive at Apex Legends next season. A very dear and beneficial feature, gifts allow you to buy an article to cheer on a friend’s day. Despite how excellent you are to give away, there are times when you click badly and accidentally send an involuntary gift. Refund a gift is a common practice in those cases, and since gifts will arrive soon, this is what you need to know about If you can reimburse a gift in Apex Legends .

How to reimburse gifts in Apex Legends

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** In a nutshell, it cannot reimburse an article given in Apex Legends.

While the requirements to give are somewhat rigid, the players have occurred outside normal control, such as the piracy of accounts or click errors. While the news is quite disappointing, the door is open to revert on this policy. If a problem arises, be sure to contact EA’s help to get more help.


That is all you need to know about the reimbursement of gifts in Apex Legends. As always, then you will find many related articles full of tips and tricks to help you survive in the real battle. See our breakdown on how to give articles in Apex Legends and see the most recent stories of the distant lands starring the most recent legend, Catalyst.

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