Protecting champion Alba Berlin has actually reached the cup quarter-finals with some trouble.
The master prevailed in the last round of 16 versus the Telecom Baskets Bonn with 98:95 (45:49).
One of the most effective throwers of the Berlin were Tamil Blast as well as YAGNI Wetzel with 23 points each.

At Bonn, TJ Shorts II protruded with 36 factors.

Previously, runner-up Bayern Munich, the BG Göttingen, the MLP Academics Heidelberg, the Hard Merlins Trailhead, Media Bayreuth, the MHP Raised Ludwigsburg and the EWE Baskets Oldenburg reached the round of the best 8.
The last competition happens on 18./ 19.
Alba Berlin-Telekom Baskets Bonn 98:95 (45:49)
Ideal thrower : Wetzel (23), Blast (23), Linde (17) for Berlin-Shorts (36), Morgan (13), Herrera (12), Delay (12) for Bonn
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