What is the beast under the tables in House of the Dragon? Answered

Explanation of the house of the dragon beast under the tables

It is not clear to what Helena refers when she says care with the beast under the tables, but there are several possibilities.

A possible theory is that Helena is foreseeing the introduction of Blood and Cheese in House of the Dragon, two characters whose actions could be seen as bestial. In addition, they use hidden passages to infiltrate Keep network, which deals with the part of the phrase under the boards.

Another possible interpretation can refer to Lays. A fun fan theory suggests that Lays has skills, using rats to sneak out and collect information. On several occasions, House of the Dragon has delayed in rats for too long.


There is also the possibility that the prophecy points to the white worm, a creature that operates below the tables, so to speak. It remains in the shadows, finds secrets over others and gains power moving the threads.

Finally, it could be as simple as Helena prefigured Hands literally leaving the ground with her dragon in the coronation of Argon. This act of challenge resulted in the death of hundreds of commoners, only to be able to threaten the high towers with their power.

Whatever the beast under the tables in House of the Dragon means that Helena has not yet been wrong. She once said that Almond would have to close an eye, that it was a twisted way of referring to Almond lost an eye to tame Hagar. To get more guides and questions about House of the Dragon, she discovers why Prison killed Lord Bees bury.

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