15th season APEX Legends: map, legend, start date and much more

The details of the 15th season of the APEX Legend season, revealing a new card, legend and future changes in the game. Along with the disclosure, teasers, including gold tickets, a message from Silva and new Outbreaks, shed light on knowledge unfolding in anticipation of the 15th season.


What is the season 15 in Apex Legends?

Season 15 will present new map of the Royal Battle of Stellar . The new map is located on the native planet of the seer, Korea. The world of Korea was devastated when his Moon Cleo was struck by a meteorite. The players first saw Korea on the Encore Arena map, which is located on the planet in the city of the provider, who participated in the games. Korea is shrouded in mystery and, judging by the teasers, can be associated with Silva Pharmaceuticals.

Eduardo Silva is the general director of Silva Pharmaceuticals and the father of the octane, but in the APEX Games there are rumors that Eduardo is actually Torres, who is impersonating him. Torres-Grandfather Tina and a suspect antagonist in Apex Legends. Based on the new map, we can learn much more about the seer, octane and the origin of the APEX games.

Who is the legend of the 15th season in Apex Legends?

It is confirmed that the new legend, presented in the 15th season, catalyst , the first legend of transgender people, an experienced terraformed and a protective magician. Catalyst will bring many unique opportunities to the game, including the construction of structures, their repair and the creation of towers for instant rise.

Based on the new Stories from the Outlands Stories, Catalyst is Cleo’s defender and uses his knowledge of Terrofluid to repulse those who want to deprive CLAN of all resources. It can be seen how she talks with Rampart about her lost friend Margot and robots who attacked them. The state of Margot remains a mystery, since Catalyst is preparing to return to Cleo to participate in APEX games.

Changes in the 15th season in Apex Legends

In addition to the new rotation card, it is expected, Apex Legends will undergo several changes in anticipation of the 15th season. As in every season, the strengthening and weakening of legends, a change in production and weapon rotation is expected. Unfortunately, according to the Apex Legends insider Crescendo, in the 15th season there will be no new weapons in the game. However, there may be some significant changes in weapons or jumps.

In the 15th season, the Gifts function will also be presented-the new Apex Legend function, which allows players to send and receive objects from other players. Gifts are limited by the purchase of objects as gifts for friends, so players most likely will not be able to send old items, but this is still an excellent function, very in demand by fans.

Date of the beginning of the 15th season apex Legends

The start of season 15 is scheduled for November 1, 2022 . Immediately after the end of the Beat or Fear event and the 14th season, the next season will begin, in which a new combat pass will be presented, rank rewards are distributed and players will be able to switch to a new card using Catalyst.

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