Diablo developer ARPG Torch Light Infinite opened

RPG developed by XD Entertainment began its open beta on October 12.

The Torch Wright series is a game of ‘Runic Games’, which was founded by Blizzard North, who developed the Diablo series. Currently, it has disappeared due to bankruptcy, but once had many enthusiasts through its unique game style.

The latest work, Torchlight Infinite, is a game developed by XD Entertainment, which purchased copyrights. With RPGs such as Diablo, ‘Rooting’, which fires a rare item against the crowded enemies and gains a rare item, is a key fun game. We summarized information about , which started opening beta.


Developers participate as a development advisor… Characterized by more than 250 skill combinations

Torch Wright: Infinite can combine the skills for the player. Torch Wright: Infinite can be gained several skills through chapter progress or purchase, and skills are divided into 4 branches of active, assistive, passive and activation.

Each skill can be changed as the player desired through three auxiliary slots. For example, the lightning sphere is not just fired, but it can be divided into several branches by popping around the ground. In addition, the main attack skill is very short cooldown and MANA consumption, so you can always fight with the maximum power without constraints. Passive can also make your attack skills and assistant skills create synergy.

In other words, it is the core of Torch Wright: Infinite to combine skills and hunt monsters to raise the level of individual skills. It is also important to challenge difficult content and wear equipment with better specs.

The character also does not have a complete individual skill set, but each acts as a foundation for creating its own build by having its own system and arms. There are currently six heroes based on open beta, with 24 characteristics and more than 250 skills.

In addition, it is composed of a refined RPG. The arts and graphics unique to the Torch Wright series are still present and faithfully follow the composition of the enemy that comes to save the world in crisis. There are several stages for each chapter, and the story proceeds by breaking through the map and defeating the boss monster. When the story chapter is completed, content that can farm experience and items will appear, and you can continue to grow characters and enjoy the fun of nurturing.

In addition, attracted attention by inviting David Break, a co-founder and former representative of Blizzard North, who developed Diablo to realize the fun of RPG. David Break listened to the final CBT news of Torch Wright: Infinite on September 5, posting related articles on SNS, and the developer expressed his gratitude.

David Break said in a separate video that the ‘character build construction process’ is the core of the RPG, and the mechanism leading to the acquisition of advanced equipment and strengthening characters through dungeon exploration allows the player to repeat the challenge. And Torch Wright: Infinite has inherited the essence of these RPGs, saying that it is highly expected.

The translation error and the UI issue, which were pointed out in the last CBT, were also revised. In the CBT, excessive spacing in the story text or item description was used, causing less readability, or the dialogue was not output due to the error, but there was no problem in the open beta.

The new class, the new class, ‘Priest Tia’, is also added to attract attention. Priest Tia is a saint of the pan, and she has a natural talent, and every time she can be graced by God and can damage her nearest enemies and give her a buff. However, she needs to unlock the season pass to use Tia.

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