Unusual Youth Freino Bell Rain and miss people Steam version October 14th distribution. A mysterious senior and a disturbing shadow lurking in the rain clouds

On October 8, the domestic game production circle D10RAMA (diorama) announced that the Steam version will be distributed on October 14. This work is a novel game collection as a free game for PC/Forum! It is open to the public.

Rain and get out of people is a short novel game that depicts extraordinary youth related to mysterious seniors and murder cases. Harry Shinji, the main character of this work, is a first-year-high school boy belonging to the literary club. While the continuous murder incidents that occurred throughout the country flourished, the protagonist had a calm high school life with Yukon Aka bane, a senior of the strange literary club.

One day, Harry Shinji and Yukon Aka bane visit a distant hydrangea garden. The drizzle hydrangea garden was not popular, and the boy spent with his seniors was even fantastic, but there was also a huge shadow. A strange and brutal murder in the national ward. A huge fish shadow swimming at your feet. Mysterious senior. When mysterious things lead to one, the boy is forced to make a big choice. Boy Its Girl, a boy and a strange girl, is drawn.

The story of the protagonist and seniors will be developed in a novel game format. The graphics of monochrome based on white and black express the world of June, which is raining. The light exchange between the protagonist and the senior, the slightly disturbing air, and the quiet story of the two are depicted by text and pictures. The nominal play time is about 60 minutes. During the work, the story branches depending on the options, and two types of endings are waiting. The feature is that it can be played in about an hour, including both endings and bonuses, and that the story is drawn in an hour.

D10RAMA, which produces this work, is a domain visual novel production circle in Japan. According to the circle official website, it was launched in Sendai, Miami Prefecture in June 2020. In addition to this work, three works, Memory, One under a roof, and Disconnect, have been released as a free game. In addition, this work, Rain in the rain, was released as a free game on August 25, 2021, as the third work of D10RAMA. According to Steam’s store page, about 10 people seemed to be produced.

The Steam version of Rain in the rain is scheduled to be distributed on October 14. In addition, this work is already released as a free game, and in the novel game collection, PCs and browsers, Forum! Then you can play from your PC.

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