Lol: Riot reveals the full reown to the jungle that will reach the game in the 2023 preseason

All League of Legends players must face changes thanks to the constant updates that the video game receives. However, none of the positions experiences as usual and important transformations as the jungle does. Considered the most important role when determining the result of the games, who find enjoying neutral camps will have to face a new revolution with the imminent landing of the preseason 2023 . We review everything that will change in this position when, in the middle of next November, the day arrives in which this gigantic patch is introduced.

Pets, routes and other great changes to the jungle

The most important change that will arrive in League of Legends in Jungle’s position is the recovery of pets. There was a time in which one of the items used in this position allowed us to have a small spectral wolf and now this mechanic expands to again to offer the possibility of having a companion . We will have to feed it based on enemy camps or champions and take care of it until the time comes for the game in which he can give his face for us. His evolution can also be achieved over time.

In total there are three types of pets that we can choose at the beginning of the game and, although they still have no official name, these will be their functions during the games…

Salamander *: It is the defensive option, offering a shield and tenacity.
Zorro : It is the mobility option, offering utility and movement speed.
Cat : It is the aggressive option, offering idle and extra damage.

This great change will not be the only one that will suffer the jungle. Another of Riot Games’s great objectives with this position is to make it more accessible. A goal that will try to meet two major changes. The first of these is a double modification that consists of adjusting the patience of the monsters. This will be done by adding a visual indicator in the form of a circle on the ground that will show the maximum distance to which the monsters can be removed from their reappearance z1. Additionally, this distance will be shorter so that two camps cannot be cleaned at the same time .

With the intention also to make the position more accessible, a recommended route system will be created . Similar to how the suggested purchase of objects or the choice of runes works, the camps will have an indicator on top that will show in which order they must be cleaned. This will be done taking into account the data of the League of Legends games played in the highest MMR ranges of the video game and taking into account data from all the world’s servers. Those who do not want to have these available recommendations, can deactivate them from the game menus.

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