The OTT industry dissatisfaction with the Copyright Act, which was proposed by the ruling and opposition parties.

The online video service (OUT) industry has complained in the ‘Partial Amendment of Copyright Act’ initiated by the National Assembly.

According to the industry on the 1st, the Democratic Party’s and Sung Yo-jong people’s strengths guarantee the right to receive justifiable compensation for profits for those who finally provide video materials such as broadcasters, theaters, and Otto such as directors and writers. Some amendments to the copyright law, which focuses on the contents, have been proposed.

The bill proposed by lawmakers included the contents that the author can claim compensation to the OUT even if the film agent signed a contract with the contents’ provider (CP) and the CP signed a video sales contract with OUT.

The bill proposed by lawmakers said, Unlike Europe, Korea has made a world-class success, such as Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’, but it cannot receive additional compensation if there is no special agreement. Considering the lack of lack, Korea also pointed out that it is necessary to establish a system that can receive justifiable compensation.

The problem of guaranteeing the author’s profit was triggered in the ‘Squid Game’ released in September last year. netflix invested about 20 billion to 25 billion won in the 8 trilogy of squid games, and recorded more than 1 trillion won.


Netflix, however, chose copyright monopoly instead of supporting production costs. The squid game was popular, but it was reported that only the bonus amount paid by Netflix in the sense of ‘thank you’, not for rewards for profits.

The OUT industry is in a position that it is difficult to accept the bill itself, but it is difficult to accept the bill itself. It is pointed out that if the contents are already distributed while paying legitimate costs to CP, and compensation for the author, it will be a double payment.

An official of the industry said, Like a squid game, copyright revenue is huge and there is a difference between the copyright holders’ profits. The dispute must be solved.

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