How to fix the problem safe download in FIFA 23 Anti Cheat

With any new game, unexpected problems will certainly arise, regardless of the developer or game. Unfortunately, this applies to FIFA 23, which suffers from one specific problem. This is a problem arising due to a 10-hour FIFA 23 trace, as a result of which the players have a message Anti Cheat Safe loading is not turned on. This may make you think about how to solve this problem in FIFA 23.

How to fix the Anti Cheat error Safe download is not turned on in FIFA 23

Unfortunately, there is a no correct way to correct the Anti Cheat Secure Boot Is Not Enable FIFA 23. EA Games did not officially provide players with a way to solve this problem, but there is a workaround that can help you. Administrator setting , but this may not guarantee corrections. Here’s how to solve the problem Safe loading is not turned on in FIFA 23.

  • Click with the right mouse button the label of the Origin and FIFA 23 application.
  • Select the properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility section.
  • Select Launch this program on behalf of the administrator.

If you are lucky, this will solve the problem, and FIFA 23 will work without failures. When starting a FIFA 23 in the administrator mode, requires more time to download than usual. If this does not eliminate the error Safe loading is not turned on, another option would be the removal and reinstallation of FIFA 23, but this is unlikely to work. EA Games will most likely solve the problem; It can just take them from them for a while.


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