Can you monetize videos with license music on YouTube? Answered

YouTube has had copyright violation problems for more than a decade, many of them related to an automated copyright system that detects the use of license music. Forced to use copyright music, YouTubers have been looking for a way to use videos in videos without having to deal with copyright problems for a long time. Have those prayers finally be answered? Here is the answer to if you can monetize videos with license music on YouTube.

Monetization of videos with license music on YouTube

Finally, it seems that the answer will be yes. YouTube has just announced that Users can make money through videos that use license music . This will be done through a service known as Creator Music, where YouTube will be in conversations to create a list with several hundred thousand of songs licensed by more than 50 record labels, editors and distributors that creators can use in their videos.

Once the service between operation, creators can choose between getting licenses from the tracks regularly and conserving income (despite the 45 % YouTube cut) or dividing them with the holders of the licenses. If you choose to divide, their 55 % participation will be divided according to the amount of license songs used in a video (27.5 % for a song, 18.3 % for two, etc.), and the possible deductions of the Interpretation rights will be used for licensees.

That is all we have If you can monetize youtube videos with license music . If you are looking for something to help you while you expect YouTube to implement this program, try to consult Super Smash Bros. The YouTube channel of Creator Mahavira Samurai.

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