[Issue] Lineage 2M damages lawsuit, law firm, Busan Senior

Lineage 2m users have appointed Susan, a law firm to proceed with damages.

On the 20th, Lineage 2M damages lawsuit, Mr. A, said, This Lineage 2 m litigation lit. The game company on the game of the competition. As a result, it led to the damage to users, he said.

The lawsuit will be held at a civil service of more than 50 million won. Originally, the lawsuit was about to proceed with a cow. The meaning of 1 won is the main symbol of the main point of covering the fault of NC soft from the court. However, in the case of small civil cases of less than 30 million won, there is a problem that there is no reason for the judgment. Accordingly, the lawsuit decided to reset the small price of Saga with an amount exceeding 50 million won. In this case, the court also reveals the reason when the decision is made. Depending on the decision and reasons, there is an advantage of being able to plan for future plans.

Mr. A said, It was difficult for NC soft to have a variety of systems so that Lineage 2M can constantly dispute between users, and it was difficult to explain so that it can be easily understood by the characteristics of the game. It was revealed.

He also said, It seems that they are making every effort to win, such as forming a separate TFT in Susan and analyzing the game.

In addition, the Lineage 2M lawsuit is united with the Umamusume lawsuit. The lawsuit is conducted separately, but decided to share the necessary matters with each other.

They ultimately believed that legislation was needed to protect game users at the National Assembly. The president is known to be suggested to the National Assembly according to the proceedings and results of the lawsuit.

Mr. A said, This lawsuit is not a fragmentary problem in the current situation, which is triggered by the so-called ‘Lenders’, which has been breathing in the operation of an unfair game company, and has been triggered by the promotion and back advertisement. It is the second Bats Liberation War, which recognizes it and corrects it.

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