The fans are dedicated to the Aeris Letter attached to the limited edition of Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII-Reunion. Can others read it?

Square Enix announced on September 13 that it will launch Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII-REUNION (Crysiscore-Final Fantasy VII-Reunion) (CCFF7R) on December 13. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. It will be released on December 14 for PC (Steam).

It was announced that the Collector’s Edition and Hero Edition will be released for the PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch version of this work. These limited editions come with a letter by a certain person in the game. These accessories seem to be attracting great attention. This article includes spoilers of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (hereinafter CCFF7), so be careful when browsing.

CCFF7 is a work released for PSP. It is a work featuring the young man, Sachs, who is deeply involved in the main character of FF7, Cloud and Aegis. It is a work that can be said to be the day before the Final Fantasy VII, with a unique battle system, and a fleeting and sad story. Furthermore, it was also an important title in order to know the past of the main characters in the series.

CCFF7R is a remake version of CCFF7. Not only graphic HD, but all 3D models are renewed. Upgraded in various points, such as support for full voice and arrangement of songs. Game play, including battles for modern times, has been optimized. It seems that you can enjoy evolution that does not stay in the HD remaster.

The product attached to the limited edition of this work was announced. It seems that a certain item in it is attracting attention.

The above tweet was posted by the official Twitter account Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a lineup of items attached to the Hero Edition of CCFF7R. In addition to the main game and mini-soundtrack, it is said that it comes with Sachs’ figures, art books, and recorded scripts. Finally, the accessories introduced with the secret mark are Aegis letters. It is said that this letter comes with a special makeup box.

With the appearance of this limited item, the FF7 series fans are fluttering. At the time of this writing, Aegis Letter was trended on domestic Twitter. This limited item seems to be attracting attention from many fans. Specific reactions include positive reactions such as I want to read and absolutely want. However, on the other hand, there are many reactions such as I can not read with the Sachs and I can read it. Based on the story in the work, some fans are complicated that this letter can reach their own. This is because the letter is riding a tremendous heavy setting, which shows the strong bond between Aegis and Sachs.

In CCFF7, there is a scene where Sachs are captured at the end of the story and disappears for more than four years since Airs. During that time, Aegis continued to write her letter in the meantime, but they did not reach Sachs. And in the 89th, the letter will finally reach Sachs. Aegis wrote her letter as the last letter. After reading this, Tax realizes her length when she was captured, and aimed for Aegis with her death. Aegis’s letter is a very important and private exchange that is very impressive.

Based on the background of these Aegis letters, some fans may feel reluctant to read letters as if they were divided between them. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, the whereabouts of other letters, except the 89th letter that arrived at Sachs, are not mentioned in the main story. There is a possibility that we can reach our hand by chance… According to the official website, the specially written letter is a phantom that gives a glimpse of the two memories. The episode of Sachs and Aegis, which was not drawn in the main story, may be revealed.


Crisis Core-Final Fantasy Vii-REUNION (Final Fantasy VII-Reunion) will be released on December 13 for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. It will be released on December 14 for PC (Steam). Collector’s Edition and Hero Edition for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch, which come with Aegis Letter, are accepting reservations at Square Enix e-Store.

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