How to quickly increase the level of combat passage to Genshin Impact

Gen shin players perform tasks for various reasons. Perhaps they like adventures, or they like to face difficulties. However, there is one motivation that each player in Gen shin shares, one driving force that convinces of a variety of people to fulfill tasks. Be it Intertwined Fate, Prisoners or Hero’s Wit, the awards are universal motivation, and the combat pass is filled with them. Join us, and we will find out how to quickly increase the level of your combat pass to Genshin Impact.

Fast ways to increase the level of combat passage to Genshin Impact

cooking, forging and making furniture

These are perhaps the simplest missions, except for entering the system during the day. You can cook 20 dishes quite quickly, especially according to such simple recipes as the SYVAT scrambled eggs and steak. Forging 20 items also does not take much time, as you can forge 20 improved ores in one minute. If you have few pieces of iron, you can also use pieces of white iron to forge 20 ores of thin improvement. This process takes only two minutes.

Creating an atmosphere in the Serenity pot is also simple, although this requires 10 Vials of Dental Speed, if you want it to be done as soon as possible. Some interior items requiring a minimum number of materials are an exact copy of the ancient origin barrel and a battered bamboo fence. Mission for cooking, forging and creating furniture can be easily performed on a weekly discharge day.

Mission of events

Mission of events give a generous amount of Battle Pass experience, and each separate mission gives the player 1500 BEP. These missions can be found in the BP section, and they can only be performed once. The simplest mission of the event is the task Perform 1 thread in the Graven Innocence event.

This mission requires the players to collect one complete carvings of Granada in the Graven Innocence event. Buying all the necessary components costs 240 bizarre sketches, which can be performed using two photographs tests. The fastest tasks for instant images to perform this task are to photograph 2 different animals of the handle and to photograph 3 different animals.


daily missions

Daily missions are carried out relatively quickly. The mission Get 10 items can be performed by sending the characters on an expedition to collect ore, which eliminates the need for tedious production. If you do not have enough time to use all 150 initial resins, you can create a condensed tar, which is still counted in the mission. Performing 4 daily tasks takes from five to ten minutes and, as a rule, is already part of the day of the Gen shin day.

Mission Domain Trans

There is a weekly mission that requires you to complete three Trance Domains or Dominator of Wolves tasks. The mission rewards you with a fair amount of 1350 BEP, which is a significant amount compared with the time that it occupies. One of the fastest ways to go through this mission is to repeat the battle with Child. After the first passage, you will not receive a reward, but you can lower the complexity and speed of subsequent battles to compensate for this.

Mission Spiral Abyss

This mission gives more BEP than any other Battle Pass mission, rewarding the player with stunning 2250 BEP if he gains a total of 12 stars in Spiral Abyss. If you are a newcomer in Spiral Abyss and forgot to complete it, you can quickly go through this mission and go up to two levels of military pass. If you have already achieved significant progress in the spiral abyss, this mission will be more difficult to fulfill.

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