LOL: AP Build from a shooter that began as a joke and is now essential

From time to time they appear in the community Different champions Builds League of Legends. Many are considered practically memes, since they are not really effective to gain matches or better than conventional ones, but there are some who really have a cohesive purpose behind and sometimes escape the modes for fun like Arm to infest the invoked crack. This time, the protagonist of a situation like this is Virus , with a construction focused on AP , which is already well known among the community, it is even called mathematically correct, but recently He began to gain strength as a solid option for Sold.

Virus App mathematically correct: Why does it work?

Virus is a shooter that opens a range of possibilities to create Builds, having, over the years, Poker variations with lethality and on-hit with several objects of impact effects and the attack speed. In alternative ways such as Arm and UHF, players have also experienced an AP construction, since their skills’ kit has a particularity that, in theory, makes the elements of ability power very interesting: damage based on the Maximum health that increases the more AP the champion has.

A virus with an AP construction can, in theory, remove almost all the health of an opponent at the same time by consuming accumulations of infection to the target by hitting any of its abilities. In a completely hypothetical world, this strategy would be more effective in any situation in which the champion can apply accumulations and activate them easily.

But if this version was already known and used in some ways, what is it making his popularity shoot again? Well, Virus has been receiving improvements since the 12th season began, with improvements in the magical damage to the impact of the W, the damage to the R, the base statistics and even a greater base attack damage , and The only applied improvements are the reduction of healing applied by its E, so it was only a matter of time before the champion began to fall into the players.

But even on the competitive stage the Pick has appeared in decisive matches. Rasmus Caps Winter, Mid Later of G2 eSports, played with Virus App in the Midland during the LEC playoffs against Rogue on September 3 and had an exemplary performance as Counterpick_ of Air , something That this character had always been in the competitive one, even with a lethality Build, but has fallen into disuse since 2020.

How to play Virus AP?

At the beginning of the games, you will play as Virus would traditionally do , unleashing Moran’s sword, far meting and bothering the rival whenever possible with your Q and basic attacks. Nothing is very different in the style of play until you get your first object. To maximize the ability, prioritize the W, then the Q and then the E; going that yes as long as possible.


Regardless of whether you play it in the central lane or in the bot lane, to play Virus App you will need the rune of blades to be able to apply three accumulations of infection quickly, although first blow is also a viable alternative. For the secondary branch, we recommend inspiration to help clean the waves.


An object that is definitely essential for this construction to work is the tooth of Nash or , which offers more damage when hitting and attack speed to help accumulate infection. We are very aware that the definitive VIRUS instantly applies three accumulations of the W, but you will not always have the available R.

The choice of mythical objects is wrapped in a lot of discussion. There are those who like the echo of Laden, the creagietas and even the protocythuron ; From our experience, we recommend that you try each of them and choose the one that best suits the situation of the game in question. The Abandon, the vacuum cane and other standard AP elements always fit.


Indicator spells

Flash is always needed, and the second option must vary depending on your opponents. Healing, exhausting, ghostly and purification are all good options.

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