Moomin ADV Snafkin: Moomin Valleys Melody will be released for PC/Console for PC/Console

RAW FURY has concluded a partnership with Norwegian Hyper Games and has announced that it will release the adventure game Napkin: Moo min Valley Melody for PC/home game consoles.


This is a music adventure based on the world of the Moo min series. The player operates the snuff kin to regain the balance of the Moo min valley broken by a bad hobby park created by a strict park keeper. It is said that it is a content that anyone from children to adults can enjoy without knowing Moo min.

By exploring the Moo min valley, finding a secret or finding a puzzle, the key to the key to this work will be inspired. There seems to be elements such as mini-games that take the help of friends living in the Moo min valley and challenge various missions.

The Japanese translation of this work is in charge of the Bridge Games. At the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which will be held on September 15, 2022, we have announced that japan will be exhibited first in Japan.

Napkin: Moo min Valley Melody is distributed on a PC (Steam) and a home game console. According to the Steam store page, it will be released in 2023.

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