What is the difference between NBA 2K23 and 2K22? 2K23 changes at a glance

The much-watched NBA2K23 has been launched on major platforms, and players who like it can pre-order. Players can officially experience this game on September 9. So what is the difference between NBA2K23 and 2K22? Many players are very curious.

What is the difference between NBA 2K23 and 2K22? 2K23 changes at a glance.

Badge System

NBA2K23 has added a lot of novel characteristic badges based on the previous work but also removed some badges that existed before, such as hot zone hunter, emergency stop master, conversion master, hook expert, defensive core, etc. This relatively large change has a great impact on the effect of the emblem transplantation of major stars. It also has a different reflection than the previous painting style, as shown in the figure below.

Shooting system

In updating the NBA2K series, the shooting system is constantly changing, fine-tuning, and balancing. The shooting percentage calculation mode of 2K23 is also very different from the previous one; you can improve your NBA 2K23 shooting, in which the 2K23 shooting system adds additional shooting statistics. Each jumper in the new version has unique shooting stats, including the following:

  • Shooting Speed ​​- the value of the ideal release point for shooting Speed;
  • Release Height – the Height of the golfer’s release;
  • Defensive Immunity – The comprehensive impact of the opponent’s restricted defense on the player’s shooting results;
  • Timing Impact – Adjusting the shot window for good timing rewards to offset bad timing penalties;

Dominate the system

Team Master in NBA 2K23 becomes a co-op team system where the entire team shares a master bar. Therefore, players need to give each player in the team an equal division of labor and rationally allocate primary and secondary offense and defense. The master will bless the entire team with firepower and achieve unexpected results. This design allows the entire team to work together better and tests the player’s analytical ability.

Dribble system

Compared with the previous game, 2K23 continues to optimize the adverse effect of continuous cooking and dribbling on physical strength. When many actions are performed simultaneously, energy will be consumed faster, so players need to allocate more efficiently, and there are many novel fancy dribbling. The way can be learned, and you can also get help from nbabuymt!. In the MC mode, 2K23 has tried a new badge “skill tree” system. There are 16 badges for each attribute category: 8 at level 1, 4 at level 2, and 4 at level 3. Tier 1 badges are the weakest for players but also cost the least badge points. As the player progresses, the required cost will also increase.

MC modeling

NBA2K23 has also synchronized the latest “semi-open modeling system” of the next generation of 2K22, not the past pie chart modeling.

Dunk system

The dunk control has been newly adjusted, and you can adjust it according to your different wishes. When you press and hold the sprint trigger button to rush to the basket, the new joystick dunk control method is as follows:

  • Up = two-handed dunk
  • Right = Power Dunk
  • Left = light dunk
  • down = hanging basket
  • Up-Up = Fancy Two-Handed Dunk
  • Down-Up = Fancy One-Handed Dunk
  • Down-Up = Normal Skill Dunk with Shot Bar
  • Down-Down = Hanging Skill Dunk with Shooting Bar

You can also control the basket after the slam dunk in the new control mode.

The above is about the difference between NBA 2K23 and 2K22, and the details of the changes are at a glance. Interested players can go to experience it at that time.

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