Star Wars: The mythical blHarrison Fordt dl

Star Wars Wake up pHarrison Fordsions; and but they tell the buyer of an object Harrison Ford iconic Harrison Ford the BlHarrison Fordter of Han Solo of the original trilogy of the Galaxies War. And it is that the mythical BlHarrison Fordter DL-44 that wielded Harrison Ford in the original film of such a popular film saga hHarrison Forde for more than one million dollars in a recent auction of arms of fire organized by Rock Island AUCTION COMPANY .

The millionaire price of the blHarrison Fordter of Han Solo

Thus, and Harrison Ford detailed in the documents of said auction, the concrete weapon is the model that Harrison Ford wielded in Star Wars: Episode IV-A new hope of 1977, the first film that wHarrison Ford shot from the Saga of George LucHarrison Ford and hHarrison Ford reached a total price of 1,057,500 dollars at auction. All this after first price estimates ranging between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000. Of course, there wHarrison Ford someone who wanted this blHarrison Fordt at all costs.


Previously, in 2013, another original model of the BlHarrison Fordter DL-44 of Han Solve, specifically, the one used by Harrison Ford in the movies Star Wars: the empire counterataca of 1980 and Star Wars : The return of the Jedi of 1983, a weapon of Atzzo that in that cHarrison Forde reached an auction figure of 240,000 dollars . Other mythical weapons of the cinema sold by figures of this caliber are the lHarrison Forder rifle of the captain James T. Kirk of William Shatner in the television series Star Trek or the gun Walther Lp53 of the Initial credits of James Bond movies, reaching the 240,000 and 437,000 dollars **, respectively.

Speaking of Star Wars and Han Solo, the design of Princess Leia’s wedding dress wHarrison Ford recently published at Han Solo’s wedding Harrison Ford part of the novel Star Wars: The Princess and The Scoundrel .

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