Call of Duty: Warzone is a graphically demanding game. For any multi-user online game players, it is best for players to launch a game with lower settings in order to achieve the maximum possible frequency of frames or frames per second (FPS). Although Warzone Pacific has other settings, this guide lists the best graphic settings in terms of the competitive gaming process.

Best display settings for Call of Duty Warzone

Display *: Full screen
Display Monitor : Your main monitor, preferably with a high frequency of update.
The display adapter : your main graphic processor, preferably discrete NVIDIA or AMG.
The frequency of the screen update *: the highest available option
Visualization resolution : 100; Reduce this parameter if your graphic processor fights low fps
Dynamic resolution : inferior
The ratio of the parties *: automatic
Synchronization of each frame (vertical synchronization) : inferior
User frame limit : without restrictions; You can configure this if necessary

brightness *: personal preference; Recommended value = 50
show the gamma *: 2.2 (SRBG)

Best Graphs Settings for Call of Duty Warzone

Field of view *: 120 or personal preference; The maximum value gives you more peripheral visibility, but objects and enemies seem less and less
advanced : affected; supports your field of view when aiming down (ADS) on sights with a lower increase
Movement of the camera : minimum-50 percent

Stream quality *: low
Resolution of the texture : ordinary
Texture filtering anisotropic : high
Particle quality *: High
The effect of bullets and spray : inferior
Effects of dismemberment and gaddled blood : Infutable
Stream transmission of textures on request *: inferior
Film force : 1.00
Grain : 0.00
smoothing *: SMAA 1x; Set higher values for the smooth edges of the object, but you will lose some frames.
depth of sharpness : inferior
blur of the movement of the world : inferior
blur of the movement of weapons *: inferior
Resolution of the shadow map : High
Shadows in the cache : inclusive
Cash Shadow of the Sun *: inclusive
Particles : Low
Tracing rays DirectX : Infutable
surrounding occlusion *: inferior
Reflection of the screen (ssr) *: inferior

Please note that the parameters set to a normal or high level do not matter much if they are set to a low level. In addition, these settings improve visibility in the game if higher values are set. Players can also configure their special opportunities for better visibility. Go to interface tab and change the following two parameters:

Coltonism *: deuterenopi or protanopi; Choose depending on which parameter is best suited for your game on your monitor.
The target for color blind *: both

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