Soul Hackers 2 Trivia Quiz answers to scientists questions

The quest chain in Soul Hackers 2 includes interaction with a person who wants to learn more about the history and stories of several demons. You will learn how to get each of these quests-victorians in this quest guide to Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quest Guide, as well as all the answers that you will need to successfully pass the test.

Soul Hackers 2 Requires Academics answers to quiz

The Academics Wanted quest in Soul Hackers 2 consists of three parts. After the completion of each part, you will be awarded awards.

Task Academics are wanted, part 1

The first part of the quest Academics are wanted requires you to unite two demons. The recommended level for this part is 14. You will be asked three questions, and if you answer them correctly, you will receive a reward of 6000 yen.

Below is a list of all questions with the answers to them:


What is the current name of the country where the history of the Night Mokoi originated?

answer: Australia


How is the name Jier Korokurkur translated?

answer: resident near white-skinned


Which demon is also known under the title Count of Death and Destruction?

answer: Halfas

quest Academics are wanted, part 2

The second part of this quest will be unlocked after you fight with Ash in the Ozaki hoping tower and the recommended level for this quest 38. To fulfill this part of the quest, four questions will be asked for you. If you answer these questions correctly, you will receive a reward of 24,000 yen.


What is the name of the demon, who, as they say, seduces men and was born from Demon Lilith?

answer: lilim


Nejja Tai Chi is a Chinese heroic god in the image of a boy. Who did he fight with?

answer: Sun Ukun


Raptor Muu Shuuu was supposedly a girl who never knew love. What is she, as you know, sucks out of her victims?

answer: brains


What two things is the Greek god Dionysus associated with?

answer: drinking and theater

Academics are wanted: quest, part 3

The last part of the quest Academics are wanted will be unlocked after you find a way to access the 24th municipal district. The recommended level for this quest is 59. Here you will be asked five questions, and after the correct answers to them you will be rewarded with 180,000 yen.


Divine power is a ranking title for angels. What is their original Greek name?

answer: Use


Which of these demons is well versed in both birds and jewelry?

Answer: Caratiabia


What evil dragon is known for being killed by the Scandinavian hero Siegfried?

answer: Fafnir


About the vampire of Kudlak and the messenger of the light of the Kenisik. What color is their bestial forms when they fight?

answer: black and white


What is the name of the court, where the Egyptian god Anubis weighs the hearts of the dead?

answer: Osiris court

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