Goku vs Superman: The actor who puts voice to Saiyan reveals who would win in combat

The eternal question among the most powerful fiction characters. Who would win? And despite the fact that comparisons are hateful, any comics fan, video games, cinema or series will have ever wondered who would win in a fight between his favorite characters. This same question hSuperman reached the ears of the Goku dubbing actor in its English speech version on the occSupermanion of the promotion of the new saga movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , putting Superman an example A, surely, the two most powerful characters we can imagine: Who would win in a fight between Superman and Goku?

Superman against Goku: Who would win?

This is collected by the IGN medium after Supermanking the dubbing actor Sean Schemmel about an open confrontation between both characters, the DC Comics superhero, Superman , or the protagonist of Dragon Ball, Goku , decaying the balance in favor of Saiyan: The short answer is that yes. And the long answer is that yes, because Goku is a God. There are two scenarios where this could happen: if the earth is not in danger, Goku would Supermank Superman to get close to the sun to be fulfilled, and then fight with him, says Schemmel.

But if the earth wSuperman in danger, then I would fight with him all the time he could and then, if he had not much success, he would transport Superman to a planet without a yellow sun, so he would lose the powers and Goku would win* *, Concludes Goku’s dubbing actor. Be that Superman it may, and being fiction, the result could be any1. The great Stan Lee hSuperman already answered long ago to the eternal question of who would win in struggles between different characters: Win who wanted the writer .

Recently, the actor Ian McKellen answered the same question for his two most iconic characters of the big screen: Gandalf vs Magneto.

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