Trailer reveals non -view images of Spider

It is a fact that within a couple more days will arrive Spider-Man: No Way Home-The More Fun Stuff Version , thus being the extended version of the film that premiered last year in theaters. And now, through a new trailer some images are revealed that never reached the final cut, many of them had already been announced for months.

Among them is that of Peter Parker showing their powers to classmates and Spider-Man Catching a malefactor who has stolen people, curiously the thief’s interpreter is the brother of* Tom Holland, Harry.

Here you can see the video:

It is worth mentioning that this extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home is quite expected for a reason, and that is the appearance of more scenes where the heroes of other universes appear. However, Sony has not commented that they will appear so much, it is only said that there will be 11 additional minutes of content never seen before.

Remember that the tape is released in cinemas on September 1. **

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