Military release of Renaissance Fighters by muscle Da Vincis devil hunting

On the 26th, Spring Coms’ muscle action neglected mobile RPG ‘Renaissance Fighters’ was officially released.


The Renaissance Fighters is a negative game that can be enjoyed by anyone, with the pleasures that reinterpret the major artists and figures of the Renaissance era such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Juliet, Rafaello and Donatello as a health enthusiast. In particular, if you like exercise, you will be able to combine a variety of internet memes such as humor, nuulman and Dolharbang, which anyone can sympathize with. In addition, we are ready to provide a variety of fun with rich contents such as character costumes, fellow systems, and PVP confrontation.

Spring Coms will be rewarded with pre-registration goals with the launch, and plans to pay various in-game items, including 200 million gold, 80,000 gems, 300 artifacts, and 5,000 protein. In addition, the official Naver Lounge will hold a character proud event to authenticate a character with a unique costume and equipment, and will receive a cultural gift certificate through a lottery.

Springcom’s CEO Seo Sung-young said, Renaissance Fighters is a work that has been developed with the biggest goal of differentiation from existing games such as fresh content and different genres. I hope.

For more information on the Renaissance Fighters, please visit the official website.

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