Elden Ring: Duo of the godskalpe – boss

In this boss guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • Where you find the duo of the godskalpe
  • What strengths and weaknesses the boss has
  • How you can use AI helpers
  • How you defeat the double boss

The duo of the godskalpe is one of the most common bosses in Elden Ring. A never-ending beam of life and attacks on several sides can quickly frustrate. We’ll show you how to get the boss under control.

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Where can I find the duo of the godskalpe in Elden Ring?

The double boss duo of the gods scale awaits you in the final game of Elden Ring, more precisely on the crushed Farum Azula . You reach the floating area after the boss fight against the fire giant (guide). Fight through the place of grace Drachent temple-altar and follow the path.

Shortly before the boss arena, two banished knights await you, which can quickly become fatal with their storm and fire attacks. Do not let them attack and do it from a distance if possible. The legendary Elden-Ring weapon (Guide) Blitz von Gransax has a good job here. Follow the stairs down and enter the large room with the columns. The duo appears shortly afterwards.

What strengths and weaknesses does the duo of the gods scale have?

The duo of the godskalpe has hardly any relevant resistance. The great strength of the two is the incredibly long life beam . It takes a while for you to get it small. In addition to the overall life, both bosses have an additional bar that you see over their heads. If you empty one of them, the affected boss disappears, but returns after about ten seconds. Use the time and heat up the remaining person properly.

The double boss hardly has anything to counteract magic and flash as well as most physical damage types. Weapons with cutting damage are most effective . Scases, fire and holy damage are not very effective. The two are immune to death. However, the status effects frost, bleeding, scarlet fibula and poison brings you through relatively quickly.

Which AI helpers can I call on?


A Ki helper is available to you against the duo of the godskalpe: Recusant Bernahl . Previously, the bounty hunter orders in Haus Vulkan (Guide) and Bernahl’s call sign appears to the right of the entrance to the boss arena. The knight can plug a lot and heals itself.

With his obstacle to the obstacle, he divides a lot of damage in close combat and attracts the attention of the bosses . This gives you the opportunity for charged and heavy attacks from behind.

Calls a robust ghost ash and the boss fight becomes a lot easier. The legendary Elden-Ring Asset (Guide) of the dragon knight Kristoff with its strong shield and his lightning attacks is very helpful.

Elden-Ring boss fight: This is how the duo of the gods of the gods defeats her

The duo of the gods’ scale either stays close together or flank. In both cases, the two bosses attack almost permanently. So you have hardly any time window for attacks to buff or heal **. Stop close to the columns at the beginning. As a result, you split the gods and the stone buildings protect you from attacks.

Good attack points are the following :

  • A godskalpe shoots a fireball on you: rolls through head-on and puts a blow. Immediately dodge backwards or to the side.
  • The filling gods scale flows forward with the sword: softened to the side and attacks it several times. He remains in the position for a short time.

Try to keep an eye on both. If you go too much on attack at one of the bosses, quickly lose the overview and run the risk of being hit behind.

duo of the godskalpe: You have to pay attention to these special attacks

Both bosses have their own special attacks. The fuller blows up and rolls across the room . You can read how you deal with him in the boss guide to the noble of the gods. His attacks are exactly the same as the boss under Haus Vulkan.

The long gods of gods occasionally expands and swings through the hall like an aggressive noodle. Puts on alternative rollers, stays close and punches around the boss. After his attack you can attack him immediately.

Pay attention to the black flames. Both bosses shoot with fire balls, which you can escape forward with an alternative role. The full gods’ scale likes to spark a fire around it . As soon as his hands lighten up black, you are at a distance. If the long gods glide into the air, you should also search for the width because it causes fiery surface damage shortly afterwards.

With this weapon you defeat the duo of the godskalpe

If you have any problems getting the duo of the godskalpe under control, use your weakness against frost . Get the weapon icy hatchet and improve it as completely as possible. With their talent Rouleifstamppfer you pound on the floor and cover the area in front of you with frost. Repeat the attack several times and the duo hardly comes to the train.

The rehears stamp is also available as a warrior that you can use in any weapon. This gives her a similar effect. You can find him at the lake east of Haus Caria in the northwest of Liurnia. Kills the Skarabäus there. The weapon icy hatchet can be found in the temple district on the island southwest of Raya Lucaria. It lies in a treasure chest between the ruins.

duo of the godskalpe: These rewards await you

For the victory over the duo of the godskalpe, you get 170,000 runes, the sound pearl [4] of the forging stake and the warper black flaming tornado. You can also stand a bronze trophy on your virtual shelf.

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