Announced the Sandemark Hunting Action RPG ATLAS FALLEN. Next -generation monster hunting that can also play cooperative play

Focus Entertainment announced Atlas Fallen on 2022 Gamescom Opening Night Live on August 24. The compatible platform is PS5/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Steam), which will be released in 2023.

Atlas Fallen will be an action RPG. The stage is a planet with dust. In this area, he hunt monsters while facing ancient mysteries. The players seem to be armed enough, and use technologies, psychic abilities, and a huge monster and battle using a variety of weapons. Even legendary creatures do hunt.

Although the details of the game play are unknown, it seems that search on planets set in sandy land and fights with monsters will be unfolded. In the trailer, there are scenes that move while sliding on the sand. In addition to solo play, online multiplayer is also possible. It seems that you can go to stylish hunting with your friends.

DECK13 Interactive is developing development. Speaking of DECK13, I am in charge of producing the The Surge series. In addition, he has been working on action games with a stringing difficulty, including Lords of the Fallen. In this work, it seems that they are working on hunting actions on the planet of sand. The corresponding console platform will feel ambitious that only the next-generation aircraft.

Atlas Fallen will be released in 2023 for PS5/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Steam).

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