NC character brand Tooli, CU and 15 kinds of collaboration products are released

[character brand Park Ye-jin reporter] NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, NC) character brand ‘Doguri’ announced on the 23rd that it will launch a collaboration product in partnership with the convenience store CU.

NC is a social beginner concept symbolized by the tools and a reversal phrase ‘yes! Okay. (I don’t know) ” ‘contains major features in the product. At about 16,000 CU convenience stores nationwide, 5 kinds of drinks (tools for the tools of the earthenware power, power-up energy, etc.) You can see the Toguri Ukken Tempura Cup, Toguri Cup Bab Seaweed Soup, etc.). Simple food will be released on August 23rd and room temperature will be released sequentially from August 31st. Five drinks are released on August 17 and are being sold.

NC has produced four kinds of tools sticker packs on the theme of ‘Working of Tooli’. You can see it in eight of the total collaboration products.

Meanwhile, NC will hold a ‘Employees’ inner mind making event’ until September 12 to commemorate the launch of collaboration products. On the event page, you can select six categories: background, facial expressions, clothes, accessories, items, and speech bubbles. If you share the finished image on SNS, you will receive a ‘Tooli XCU convenience store look set’ by drawing a lottery.

You can also participate in the stamp event at the CU membership app ‘Pocket CU’. After purchasing the product, you will receive a stamp to apply for the event if you earn membership at CU Membership App Pocket CU. As a prizes, we will provide ▲ Tooli XCU gift card (100,000 won), collaboration T-shirts, slippers set, and tugs.

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