In Han -seop, I come to Gorusi Week, Umamusume 564 Campaign Jack Starts

On the 20th, Umamus Me Pretty Derby (hereinafter referred to as Umamusme) Korea server will be held today (5) 564 campaign Jack (hereinafter referred to as 564 campaign Jack).

The 564 Campaign Jack is the same configuration as the event held in Umamusume, Japan, under the name of ‘Gorusi Week’. It appears to have been borrowed from what was written as ‘564’. This event will be composed of various in-game items and fixed-term development mode, providing more experience and goods to users.

First of all, it will provide a 564 special login bonus for 10 days from 20th to September 4th. The user can acquire 564 jewels once a day each time you access the game during the event, and you can get up to 5,640 jewels. In addition, if you achieve the 564 Special Mission of Golship-chan during the same period, you can acquire a variety of in-game items, such as a 2-star make make debut ticket or the Red Stripe Gold Shippice.

In addition, ‘Golship-chan Mode’, a limited-time training mode, will also be added. Golship-chan mode has a stronger lace opponent, showing higher difficulty than ordinary development, and can earn up to 1.2 million money as an additional reward when completing the training. ‘Golship-chan Mode’ will be held from 20 to 31.

In addition to the 20th to 26th, the free support card draw campaign will be held every day, and the free derby drawing campaign will be held once a day from 26 to 4. It should be noted that the free drawing of the event will not be carried over the next day. In addition, you can acquire 5 [Red Stripe] Gold Ship Peace and 1000 Support Points from 20 to 31.

More detailed guides for the Umamus Me 564 campaign Jack can be found on the official website.

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