The Last people Part 1: Boston Docks im PS4- und PS5

Gameplay screenshot offers conjecture

A gameplay screenshot published on Twitter serves as an explosive for speculation. Has Naughty Dog integrated a brand-new location?

The only twelve 2nd area provides a view of the dramatically boosted as well as finer personality and also surrounding appearances, whereby the water particularly was able to experience a clear dive in the instructions of realistic look. Yet computer animations and exposure additionally let the activity journey and survival horror game luster in the best light.

Interested events have to decide whether the battle of survival in a substantially prettier robe for PS5 as well as later PC is worth its rate of 79.99 euros. As a little aid you will find our test of The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4.

Two weeks earlier, the American developer published a comparison video of both new Playstation on Twitter-more here. Now it goes on screen away from the equine as well as weather-beaten streets, to the Boston Docks, which Joel, who obtains aged, crosses on his trip through the globe contaminated by the Cordyceps mushroom.

Similar to his infected protagonists, The Last of Us merely can not be eliminated. Already on September 2nd, the PS5 remake of the 2013 The Last of United States, which was published solely for PS3, will certainly let you get on the skin of Joel and Ellie again. With a brand-new comparison video, the developer Naughty Dog now desires to highlight the visual improvements of the remake for the 2014 PS4 remaster.

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