LOL: Two champions misunderstood by the community that do not serve what everyone thinks

Although League of Legends developers have offered players a great assortment of tools to learn everything about the operation of the title, many of the most settled knowledge have been created based on community sensations. A source of knowledge that is not entirely reliable and has given rise to us to memorize and repeat as certain conclusions that seem obvious and have ended up becoming myths practically impossible to tear down. However, a good part of this ancestral wisdom is very negative for our performance. To demonstrate it, we are going to focus on two particularly interesting cases.

The most deceptive champion of League of Legends

One of the most misunderstood champions of League of Legends is Tristana . Almost from the same launch of her, she has been pointed out as one of the best characters in the video game in the late minutes of the game. An approach that does not endure or half assault against the data and that, however, even the narrators of the great competitions repeat regularly. Of course there is a good motivation for this and that is that her passive invites you to think about great performance as she rises, since its attack range amounts to each experience of experience. However, it is not enough to maintain her performance.

Tristana is a formidable champion, but not because of her climbing to the late game. The champion starts from a 57.2% victorious rate when the games end before the quarter of an hour and this figure descends linearly for to play background when the duration is between 30 or 40 minutes . It is true that from here there is a small rebound, but much less is enough to talk about a formidable ‘late game’. Her performance in these extreme cases (50.8%) is worse than Jhin’s, which is not usually well considered in terms of her escalation.

The problem is that, although objectively Tristana scale to a measure greater than that of other champions as the game progresses, The game systems go against them . The greatest attack range of it does not use much when enemies can easily survive its E (explosive load) thanks to the appearance of chronometers or several units of the Zhonya sand watch. This is an effect that-by other circumstances-is also seen in other supposedly good champions in the final minutes such as Jinx, Kog’maw or Ziggs. It is true that they are not the worst of all League of Legends after half an hour, but do not yield at a good level.

The worst character for players who start in League of Legends

Another of the most widespread myths about the champions is related to their difficulty. We all think heroes like Yuumi or Darius are very easy to play and we even recommend them to those who are starting to develop in the Moba de Riot Games. Skinny favor we are doing if we take into account that in both cases we are wrong. However, the most bleeding case is probably that of a top laner that will never be able to remove the bad reputation he has reaped so far.


Again, when we face reality we have to assume that the champion does not fit exactly what we always believed . Far from being a character for beginners, only the most skill players are able to have a good performance in qualifying games. In addition, the ascent is constant, working better the more experienced whoever is handling it. In fact, in the Tier List of League of Legends exclusive to the highest ranges is in the first positions, something that we would probably never thought if we fids only the sensations.

As for Yuumi , which we have also mentioned. The performance of it is ascending (to a much lesser extent) in all the ranges of the game. However, from Riot Games they have explained on several occasions that this champion has one of the most steep mastery curves of all League of Legends. This means that her victory rate of her increases a lot the more games we play with her , being one of the most important variables to measure the difficulty of a character. In this sense, a myth hunted by tip to elevate three champions worse understood by the community.

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