How to get an upgrade of the Rock Destroyer ship at Spiritfarer

The concept of moving forward and moving forward is the main theme confessor , but sometimes it can be difficult because of the obstacles that the game sets. The first is ice wall But if you overcome this, then the next stone wall . The only way to break through the stone wall and continue the search is to build upgrade of the Ship of the Rock Destroyer . To do this, you will need to help some spirits and collect some materials.

Construction of the ship Stone Destroyer


Fire glow

One of the resources that you need to collect for updating is a glow of fire . Before you collect a glow of fiery glow, you need to go to the point where the spirit of Gustav is on board your ship. From here you can see a place on the map, which is dark, but filled with luminous light. The title here will allow you to capture fireflies giving you seed of fiery glow . Taking the seeds and planting them, you will ultimately reward you with a crop of 2 fiery glows from the plant. In total, you will need 8 fiery candles to build a stone-string stone.

Other materials

Of course, a fiery glow is not the only material that you will need to build a stone-cutting st1. You will also need to collect 1700 flicker . You can do this naturally by performing quests and collecting them due to fishing and selling items. You also need to purchase 10 aluminum bullion eight pieces marble and two spiritual flowers . Since you have spent your first flower of spirit on construction ice destroyer update, you will need to collect two more spiritual flowers, which will make your total number of three collected.

Alberta shipyard

Finally, in order to build an update, you need to go to shipyard Albert . Talk to Albert and select an improvement in the stones. Assuming that you have collected the above materials, everything is ready!

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