Although some time is missing before the third season of demon Slayer reaches our hands, fans are already preparing for the return of Tanjiro and company. One of these people is an Austrian model, who has decided to give life to Mitsuri Kanroji , one of the characters that will have a great weight in the future.

Not long ago, the cosplayer known as Pamdroid18, decided to give new life to the pillar of love, manages to recreate in great way all the details of her dress of her, as well as the iconic pink hair with green braids of Kanroji.

This is not the first time that Pamdroid18 does a similar job. A simple look at the official Instagram account of her reveals an endless cosplays, some of attack on titan, others of one piece, Dragon Ball, League of Legends, and many more. Returning to Kanroji, This character will play a great role in the next season of _demon Slayer, since he will help Tanjiro beat one of him the strongest adversaries of him.

In related issues, the arrival date of the new Nezuko to the demon Slayer game is revealed. Similarly, an Rengoku secret is revealed in the anime.

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