How to check the list of predators in Apex Legends is a rating table of leaders

In APEX Legends, the competitive grind captured the community, and only the best players seek to achieve the sacred rank of the predator. Naturally, asking who leads the leadership table to see competition in each rank, but in APEX Legends there is no official system of the leadership table. Instead, players should rely on third-party software and applications to get an idea of the APEX Legends Predator leaders table. Here’s how you can check the list of predators in the rating table of APEX Legends leaders.

How to see a ranking table of APEX Legends Predator List leaders

Players can use several third-party platforms to check the Live list APEX Legends Predator showing the rating table of leaders. APEX Legends status is one of the websites on which fans can monitor regular updates of the rating table of Predator leaders. There are also links to Twitch and Twitter on this website for almost all professional players and streamers. From here it is relatively easy to track the list, as you see which player has risen and how much.

In the same way, players can also check the APEX Legends section on the Tracker network. It is very similar to the status of Apex Legends, and players will even see a table of leaders for North America and Japan. In the same way, you can also switch between Battle Royale and Arenas to see the APEX Legends Predator list for both rating modes.


The new Legend Vantage appeared in the game and has already become a favorite of fans thanks to her unique abilities. Vantage is already becoming part of the meta, and the abilities of this legend help players easily apply long-range sniper shots. Buffs and nerves of the 14th season affected other legends, influencing their individual chances of choice. The rating season is still in its first split, and it will be interesting to see which players and legends will lead the Predators list before the next half.

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