The APEX LEGENDS season 14 Horizon skin has a feeling for a dead cat. The cat continues to remain in the game

Apex Legends is currently holding Hanted. In this season, various skins have appeared as before. Horizon’s new skin seems to contain the special thoughts of developers.

In APEX LEGENDS, there is a battle path system that is renewed for each season. By clearing the in-game challenge, the level of the battle pass is raised, and the skin and emotions limited to the season are available as rewards. Season 14 Hanted battle pass adds legendoskins and weapon skins with the theme of survival. Among them, Horizon’s character chin, which has an impressive black and brown shade in the Premium Battle Pass, has a characteristic name as Anya’s Armor (English). On the other hand, a certain person responds.

ELLE NEWLANDS is a Horizon English voice actor. According to him, Anya (English name: Anya) is her own cat who died at the age of 20. Horizon’s battle passkin, which was added this time, was a skin with her condolences. ELLE NEWLANDS is grateful in the tweet to reply to Studio Operation Director Tim Lewinson. The implementation of this skin may have been Lewinson’s measure. The tweet has a condolences from many fans and a loving comment.

NEWLANDS spelled her encounter and thoughts with her Anya in the following tweets. According to him, Anya was an abandoned cat found in the cardboard abandoned outdoors in a supermarket. He is a cat with an adorable personality that she is shy. Anya seems to have gently breathed her breath at the age of 20 in her arm, her owner. The tweet has a lovely photo of Anya, and you can see the color of the rust cat that was also characteristic of her skin.

This is not the first time that the Respown Entertainment staff in APEX Legends has been condolences to pets and families. In the past, lead designer Jason McCord has placed his dog’s Nuigurumi on one of the in-game maps, Kings Canion, to leave memories of his dog Shadie in the game. In another map Storm Point, environmental artist Eugine Kim carved her deceased grandmother’s name on the map and had the feeling of her grandmother who liked the battle. There is (related article). In the vast universe of APEX LEGENDS, personal memories of stakeholders are also scattered in various places.

Hanted is currently being held in APEX LEGENDS. Anya’s Armor is a season 14 premium battle pass level 1 reward.

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