APEX Legends how to get APEX coins, legends and craft metals

Our APEX Legends how to get APEX coins, legends and metals manufacturing guidance will tell you how to get the entire game currency! We will also consider the fastest and best ways to obtain each of these currencies if such a method exists.

APEX Legends is a free game, and with games of this kind you should already be well aware that many currencies will be available that you can earn and buy. These currencies are used to unlock or create certain cosmetic objects that can be found in the game. It is important to note that this cosmetics are completely additionally and do not give any advantages to players in the game. This is good if you want to make purchases to support the developers, but be careful with the random nature of the packages that may begin to resemble gambling a bit and can be addictive of some.

How to get APEX coins

Apex coins is the main paid currency in the game. This means that you will need to buy them for real money to get it. Now that the first combat pass has been announced, it seems that you can earn a little coins, increasing its level!

You can buy these coins through Amazon, if you do not want to go through the game itself. They can also be purchased in the form of code so that you can give them to your friends or family! Use this link to make a purchase, and this will help to support the site!

Look at the cost of each of the APEX coins in US dollars:

If you plan to purchase some of them, as a rule, it is always better to buy in bulk in order to get a larger bonus. Do not buy 1000 at a time if you can annul it!

1000 APEX coins: * 9.99 US dollars
2150 APEX coins: 19.99 US dollars
4350 APEX coins: 39.99 US dollars
6700 Coins APEX: * 59.99 US dollars
11 500 APEX coins: * 99.99 US dollars

What can you buy for APEX coins?

The main thing that you can purchase for APEX coins is APEX sets. This gives you three different cosmetics from a huge set of options. It is also the only way to get craft metals that allow you to create any skin or cosmetics that you want.

The biggest thing that people are now looking for is the relic of the ghost. At present, she is the only legend with a set of relics, and it can only be obtained by opening APEX sets. Although this is a rather rare fall, but on the other hand (?) You are guaranteed to open it in your first 500 APEX packages.

1 APEX: * 100 Coins of the Versh
10 packages APEX: * 1000 APEX coins

APEX coins can also be used to buy certain skins that appear in the store. These are not exclusive skins of the store, you can create them using Crafting Metals, but this gives you an additional way to buy them.

You can also see weapons from the skins if you buy a certain skin, it opens the opportunity to purchase an alternative version of the skin with the tokens of the legend. This is the currency that you earn when playing the game.

You can also use APEX coins to buy a combat pass season. Two options are available to you, the first will cost you 950 APEX coins and unlock the standard combat pass. The second option is the Battle Pass package, which will cost you 2800 APEX coins. This set gives you a military pass, and also instantly opens the next 25 levels of season!

Finally, you can also purchase Legends in the store. Only two are available at the moment: Kaustik and Mirage. You do not need to use APEX coins for them, because they can also be purchased for token legends. Each legend can be bought for 750 APEX coins.

how to get tokens of legends

Legendary tokens are a currency with which most players are best familiar. You earn them playing the game and raising the level. For each level received, you get 600 legends. An early increase in level occurs relatively quickly, and if you play a few hours a day, you can collect them enough to quickly unlock one of the legends.

What can you buy for Legend tokens?

The main thing that you need to buy for the tokens of legends are blocked legends. At the moment, there are two of them (kaustik and mirage), and they can be obtained for 12,000 tokens of legends. This means that you will need to achieve the 20th level in the game in order to earn the necessary tokens for one of the legends, and the 40th level to get another.

Another thing that you can purchase is alternative skins shown above in areas of APEX coins. If you purchased or acquired a certain skin, you can unlock the alternative coloring of this skin for some legends.

how to get craft metals

Craft metal is a material that you use to create various skins in the game. It can be obtained only in one way-to open APEX packages. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get this currency. You can get APEX sets by buying them for APEX coins or increasing the level in the game!

What can you buy for craft metals?

Craft metals are used exclusively for the manufacture of cosmetics. You can use them to create skins of weapons, skins of legends, frames and poses of banners, introductory and murderous replicas and finishers. There are many such options for each style, and you can purchase them for each legends.

prices for legendary skins

Legendary: * 1200 craft metals
Epic: 400 craft metals
Rare: 60 craft metals
* General: 30 craft metals

Prices for a banner frame

Legendary: * 1200 craft metals
Rare: 60 craft metals
General: 30 craft metals

Banner Pose Price

Epic: * 400 craft metals
Rare: * 60 craft metals

prices for banner tracker

Rare: * 60 craft metals
General: * 30 craft metals

entrance prices Quip

Rare: * 60 craft metals
General: * 30 craft metals

kill quip prices

* General: 30 craft metals

Claim price


* Legendary: 1200 craft metals

prices for weapons skins

Legendary: * 1200 craft metals
Epic: 400 craft metals
Rare: 60 craft metals
* General: 30 craft metals

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