How to quickly get campus levels on Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is a great player for PC and Xbox, in which you can create and control various college campaigns, each with its funny turns, from chivalry and magic to the school of spies. You must create a comfortable environment for your students and provide them with the materials that they need to achieve success in the learning process. You will need to receive levels to promote your campus and earn stars.

The level of campus is the total score of your campus based on your progress and how well your campus works. Sometimes you will be instructed to increase the level of your campus to earn stars and advance further in the game. At any time, you can see the level of your campus in the lower right side of the toolbar indicated by the badge of the building. There are several different actions that you can do to quickly and effectively increase the level of your campus:

  • Build rooms
  • Hire the staff
  • Keep good grades
  • Keep happiness high

build rooms

A great way to increase the level of your campus is building rooms . The construction of rooms gives more necessary skills and equipment for your students and employees, and also increases your common score in campus. To build rooms, press the icon of the hammer in the extreme left side of the toolbar. You will also want to make sure that they have high prestige placing an attractive decor in them.

hire the staff

Hiring staff -One of the best ways to quickly earn levels in the campus. Hiring new teachers, assistants or wipers significantly increases the level of your campus. It is extremely important to have enough employees to conduct all classes, perform the functions of students, such as food kiosks, libraries and medical departments, as well as perform maintenance of your campus. You want all your employees to have enough breaks, so the more employees, the better. To hire the staff, press the silhouette button and a sign plus icon and select from the list of applicants. Just make sure that this remains in your budget, since the payment of wages for a long list of employees may be added up.


Hold good grades

It is also extremely important to maintain the average value High marks . The level of your campus will gradually increase if your students learn well, and there will be no failures or wems in your campus. You can check the grades of your students by going to List of students menu. Pull the mouse pointer to the silhouette icon on the toolbar, and then find the list of students indicated by the icon three silhouettes . In order for the assessments of your students to remain high, make sure that all their needs, such as hunger, thirst, energy and hygiene, are satisfied, and continue to provide them with the materials necessary to complete each class. It also helps to constantly train your staff and modernize equipment in the classroom to improve the quality of training in general.

Keep Happiness high

In the same way as maintaining high marks, it is also important for your campus to support employees and your students are satisfied . The level of your campus will continue to grow if your campus works successfully. Happiness is determined by whether all your employees and students satisfy their needs, are they satisfied with their financial training or salary and feel comfortable in their environment. You can view the review of all the components affecting happiness, in Campus Review menu. You can find it in the list of tools under the building icon-just like the level of your campus. You can also see happiness in lists of students and employees under the silhouette icon. The happier your employees and students, the better they will study in their classes and the greater the likelihood that your campus will rise to a new level and succeed.

You will quickly increase the level of your campus if you remember the most important factors that help ensure the uninterrupted operation of your campus, and your students and employees to work better. Build many rooms for study and entertainment, hire a sufficient number of employees to contribute to a healthy work style, and support good mood and high marks!

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